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Imagine a life where you have no access to clean water, one of life’s few basic necessities to survive. In Sub-Saharan Africa 319 million people are without clean water. Nearly half of the population of Tanzania lives without clean water, and every day several times a day women and children walk 3 kilometers each way to the nearest water source where they collect rationed amounts of contaminated and unsafe water used for drinking, cooking, washing their clothes and simply keeping themselves clean. Scary, isn’t it?


In 2010, Pat and Shirley Boone, in cooperation with WorldServe International, a non-profit dedicated to solving the world water crisis, and working in East Africa for over two decades, officially opened the Boone Family Life Center in Loiborsoit, Tanzania. Start-up funds were dispatched for a deep water well, a school, and resources for fresh vegetable gardens that serve multiple villages. Also provided to date is foundational funding for a community development center where much-needed health services are provided to families from neighboring villages.


“ONE” was written by music legend and philanthropist Pat Boone as a new musical anthem to help the Maasai people of Tanzania and neighboring African nations with water, food resources, health services and education.


“Clean water, basic primary and secondary schools, and even small medical clinics are literally life-changing developments," Boone said. "At the end of the day, we hope 'ONE' will go down in history, as have its predecessors. Its purpose serves a great humanitarian cause, and the recording, to raise even more money for the cause, will be released internationally in 2024 and supported by global publicity."

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