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"E pluribus unum…OUT OF MANY, ONE!"

That's been America's motto, our purpose, our identity for over 300 years now. It's on the Great Seal, our currency, and in our hearts. But like liberty itself, unity has to be nourished, tended and promoted! This song came up in my heart over the last couple of years. Like "We Are the World" has accomplished so dramatically, having raised more than $100,000,000 to improve the lives of millions in direst need, we can come together again, singing and meaning these words, proclaiming our united love for our friends, neighbors and fellow liberty lovers, and again proving we can do what America has always done, prove our love with our voices and our aid to the ones who need it most.


Please join us in this effort to bring clean water and other basic necessities to those without.


Your friend,

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